Expande Tu Ser - Espacio Holístico

Is located in one of the most emblematic and powerful places of the planet, Cusco, right in front of the ancient and mysterious Temple of the Moon, place of worship and adoration from very remote times.

From there, Mariana Del Hoyo, holistic therapist and painter, has created the opportunity to merge this space with her healing arts to share knowledge about healing and spirituality, which drives the opening of the human being.

It is a space of growth and improvement. In this place, she makes available workshops given by people from all over the world and from different schools, as a bridge between cultures, customs and philosophies of the world.

Mariana del Hoyo

Certified Biomagnetism & Bioenergetic Therapist

Mariana del HoyoMariana is the founder of the natural, holistic centre, Expande TU SER, She is a therapist practicing Par-Biomagnetic, Holographic Biomagnetism, Theta Healing, and Intuitive Healing as well, she works as a Transmitter Painter of ancient archetypal symbols, a particular art inspired by the path of spiritual evolution. Here in her holistic centre and in different countries, Mariana facilitates workshops on Biomagnetism (100% practical) and Astral Medicine as well as guiding a variety of retreats aimed at the spiritual awakening of each human being, an awakening towards the path of freedom and self-determination.

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